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Honeywell Air Touch i8 Air Purifier Review

Honeywell is a technology company with products ranging from Wi-Fi in the sky to pollution masks for industrial use but until recently, its Indian customers have typically been businesses and institutions. With the air quality in India steadily worsening, the company is making its play into the consumer goods space …

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OnePlus 5T Review

If you’ve just released a pretty good product but come up with an improvement just a short while later, should you release it immediately, or wait for some time to pass? The advantage of going ahead is that you can keep up with competitors who might have released products with …

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Honor 7X First Impressions

Huawei’s youth-oriented brand Honor has launched some pretty popular smartphones this year, including the Honor 6X at the beginning of the year, the Honor 8 Pro which took on the OnePlus 5, and the Honor 9i which boasted of dual camera setups at the front and back. Before the year …

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