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The Best Radar Detectors for a Safe Journey

Have you been charged with speeding? Or suffered a trial unknowingly? Try some our top picks of radar to avoid expensive tickets while on a long road. With one of the best radars detectors, you would be able to commute a long without worrying about the unknown police radars that can put you in …

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ABC's Terry Moran doubles down: 'Americans with guns' kill with greatest 'malice and horror' in the world

ABC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Terry Moran doubled down Tuesday on his left-leaning position regarding gun control one day after slamming “right-wing media” by saying conservatives will “instantly politicize” acts of terror committed by Muslims but not mass shootings by Americans. “Guns don’t kill people. Americans with guns kill people. …

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Amazon slammed for selling pro-anorexia sweatshirt

People are calling for Amazon to pull a product that promotes anorexia from its site  (iStock) Online retail giant Amazon is raising eyebrows due to a controversial sweatshirt that makes light of eating disorders. The black hoodie — sold by third-party vendor RuiLi in size XL for $25.88 — reads …

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