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Virtual reality: A revolutionary technology

Technologists and even storytellers have had the notion of virtual reality as a mere fantasy. From as long as 1935 the idea of virtual reality was in the mind of storytellers. It was until recently that virtual reality came into being in the world of technology. Isn’t it interesting to take part in the action …

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The Best Radar Detectors for a Safe Journey

Have you been charged with speeding? Or suffered a trial unknowingly? Try some our top picks of radar to avoid expensive tickets while on a long road. With one of the best radars detectors, you would be able to commute a long without worrying about the unknown police radars that can put you in …

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ABC's Terry Moran doubles down: 'Americans with guns' kill with greatest 'malice and horror' in the world

ABC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Terry Moran doubled down Tuesday on his left-leaning position regarding gun control one day after slamming “right-wing media” by saying conservatives will “instantly politicize” acts of terror committed by Muslims but not mass shootings by Americans. “Guns don’t kill people. Americans with guns kill people. …

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